Mar 8, 2016

Stina Wollter, in honor of International Woman's Day

Stina Wollter, a Swedish Artist, Singer, Textwriter, Body Activist and Radio Personality is one of the women I want to honor this
International Woman's Day

I love to end my weekend listen to her 2hr Sunday night radio show. She shows so much love and respect to all the intresting people she´s bringing to the show.
I also follow her fun and thoughtful Instagram account.

This saturday I wen't to her artshow in Uppsala at Galleri 1. Amazing art, sculptures and photography, and to top it off, she was there herself. She held a long talk about her road to this exhibit, about her life, love, struggle, happiness and art. She touched the jam packed galleri and people smiled, laught and cried a little bit.
It was one of the best spent afternoons I have had lately!

So here are some of my photos from the exhibit, she told the stories about them in such a way I'm not able to tell:

Thank You Stina, and all other women on this day, and all other days!

My favorite photo of hers:

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