Feb 14, 2016

Selfie - by the Artist

Just now does the Swedish National Museum have a exhibit at Konstakademien in Stockholm:

"Entrepreneur. Genius. Avant-Gardist. Norm-Breaker. Visionary. Traveler.
An exhibition about what it means to be an artist, today and historically. About roles, ideals and myths. About power structures and notions of gender, ethnicity, sexuality and class."

I went to the opening and realised that there was a lot of "Selfies" made by historical great artists and decided to sum up the well worth visit trough them:

Tyra Lundgren 1921, Sweden (1897-1979)
 Helene Schjerfbeck 1937, Finland-Sweden (1862-1946)
 Eugéne Jansson 1910, Sweden (1862-1915)
 Claude Cahun 1927, France (1894-1954)
 Peter Weiss 1938, Germany-Sweden (1916-1982)
 Sophie Adlersparre 1849, Sweden (1808-1862)
 Andy Warhol 1978, USA (1928-1987)
 Rembrandt 1640, Netherlands (1606-1669)
 David Klöcker Ehrenstrahl 1691, Germany-Sweden (1628-1698)
 Pehr Hörberg 1805, Sweden (1746-1816)
 Carl Gustav Plagemann 1849, Sweden-Italy (1805-1868)
Auguste Renoir 1866, France (1841-1919)
 Peter Dahl 1970, Sweden (1934)
 Siri Derkert 1915, Sweden (1888-1973)
 Julia Beck 1880, Sweden-France (1853-1935)
 Lena Cronqvist 1982, Sweden (1938)
 Jeff Koons 1988-9, USA (1955)
 Alexander Roslin 1767, Sweden-France (1718-1793)
 Georg von Rosen 1869, France-Sweden (1843-1923)
Sivert Lindblom 1986, Sweden (1931)

As You can understand, this is just a sliver of the exhibit, hope You enjoyed, Per!


  1. Otippat att hamna mitt i en konstutställnng via en trädgårdsportal, men väldigt kul med selfien!
    Allt gott

    1. Hej Anette! Ja när snön ligger vit i trädgården får man njuta annat vackert :D
      Mvh, Per!