Jan 19, 2016

Winter over the old houses at Hornbergsgården in Skärplinge

Today the busscompany UL once again made me have to wait out in the cold due to delays! I had to spend one extra hour between busses in the village of Skärplinge, Norduppland-Sweden!

I took the oportunity to visit the beautiful Hornbergsgården, also called Skärplinge Gammelgård where they have a great collection of old houses from the area.
The area is closed for the season, but still beautiful in all the snow.

The Russians burned down everything they could here 1719, not many homes or houses survived, but they have one unsual house from Fälandsbo that survived the Russians. It's from 1647 and have once been a house on stilts to protect against wild animals like wolfs.
There is so many beautiful things to see here, so enjoy:

It's hard to imagine the summer festivities here, National day celebrations and all the music gatherings, but I really enjoyed todays visit as well.

I'm ending with my photo from a Swedish National Day celebration here, Per

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