Nov 21, 2013

Pre Winter Blues in my garden

Not much happen in my garden now when it prepares for the Swedish cold winter, but yesterday we had frost, and that always bring a certain beauty to the darkness :D

My Snowberry bushes bring some light to the darkness
Just now is the water in the stream pretty high by my footbridge, but are regulated further down in the dam's around the Lövstabruk Manor, wonder how it's in the spring when the melting snow can bring a LOT of water.
My new Hollyhock are green wich is promising since I live a little bit high up in the country for these to thrive
The wonderful colour of the Heuchera "Palace Purlpe" bring a certain beauty to the covering Maple leafs
The Deer tounge Fern sticking out
The Japanese Mahonia Fern seems to thrive as well while waiting for the snow
My Rose "Else Krohn" staying green against the warming rock wall
A sign that the fall have been a little bit to warm, and that I layed down the protecting Spruce twigs to early, the "New Dawn" rose growing, and it shouldn''t, the show is here soon and it will probably freeze.

And so the FROST came yesterday, beautiful :D
Beauty by the stream
The Echinacea/Rudbeckia still standing
The Maple leafs that cover all the new flowerbeds makes them look like natural art in the frost
The Japanese Mahonia Fern

Certainly another time of beauty before the snow will cover everything
Enjoy, I do! Per!

Nov 17, 2013

Monte Carlo's serene Jardin Japonais

Last week when I was in Monte Carlo-Monaco did I 1st think of going to my favorite Jardin Exotique, but it was a bit cold and windy to visit those highly situated gardens.
I asked a guide about the Princess Grace Rose Garden which I haven't been to, she told me it's closed for the season but suggested Jardin Japonaise along the waterfront!
And oh what a great suggestion! A serene little Japanese paradise that is not even 10 years old, impressive!

The Garden has the apartment buildings on one side, and the Mediterranian on the other but when in the garden one feel a peaceful serenity
A tea house where You can sit and enjoy the gardens
Beautiful stone decorations and lamps can be seen everywhere
 The ponds contain a interesting collection of Koi fishes
A lot of beautiful plants, this one caught my eye, love it, wonder what it is
The buds of the above
 Beautiful reflections
 A different type of fence

I hoped You enjoyed my presentation of these 7000sqm bit of paradise, and that it tempt You to explore it by yourself!