May 6, 2014

25 meter hedge of Black Currant and Lilacs

Today it was a gorgeous and pleasant morning after a really freezing night.

Here is a view over my garden from the second floor, closest the "formal" garden with perennial flower beds and the little Cherry tree, to the left behind the barn are the half-shadow flowerbeds, mid-right is the Veggie paths and the border to the neighbor (to north east)
To protect the kitchen garden from the north-east winds did I decide to plant a tight Black Currant hedge (to also get the Berries off course).
Also to mark that it is a Kitchen garden with eatable plants, I already have Raspberries on the north border.
Putting down a line as a guidance and then it's just to start to dig! And Dig!
Rocks, Slagstone, Bricks, Roof tiles, Animal bones, China, Rusty nails, where to be taken up of this previous landfill and garbage dump. As it was in the old days, no communal garbage pick up, just dig it down!
36 Black Currant Plants down
and 48 Lilac plants along the rest of the border, from the kitchen garden and up to the furthest north border.
I discovered from above that there is more space for veggie paths to the right for next year :D
I'm happy with todays achievement
Cost: Nothing!
Black Currant cuttings from my own and others bushes
Lilac cuttings from our summer cottage

The last days the first Pelargonium flowers coming, always a special feeling after taking care of the plants over the winter

And first out is one of my absolute favorites, with no name. I bought it for many years ago as a regular Zonal Pelargonium from the nice flower people on Stor Torget in Gävle, Levins. So I simply call it the "Levin Pelargonium"
I love the colours, from pale green-cream over to brush strokes of peach-pink.
And is blooms forever, it's really a strong one
and so beautiful

Thank You all for checking in!
Have a great one, Per!


  1. Vilket jobb! Men fint blir det!
    / marie från

    1. Hejsan Tack! Ja mycket grävande är det, men det börjar ta form. Det fanns ju absolut ingenting när jag flyttade hit i oktober, inga rabatter eller träd, bara Grus&Gräs.
      Varma Hälsningar från Lövstabruk, Per!

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