May 1, 2014

Källmossa Gård, yet another beautiful Uppland experience

Yesterday my friends Evy & Susanne here in the village asked me if I wanted to come with them to Källmossa Gård (Farm) in Slada By to check out the new plants for sale there.

I have never been, but heard about it. It's situated near here in northern Uppland on the Hållnäs half island.
They producing free range eggs, honey and young plants for the garden.
And free range it is, the hens roaming around wherever they enjoy in a huge enclosure including a meadow.
Eggs from here are sold in my village and elsewhere, but also here is a small self-service Egg Shop

We found the owner Helena busy working in the greenhouse
And what a job she puts down in it, I have never seen such order and neatness in a smaller greenhouse like this
And even here it's self service, just put the money in the box, but I'm happy we met Helene anyway, she was great to talk with.
And my friends Evy and Susanne certainly filled that box :D

Such a great experience, and you have to be quick getting plants here, she has what she has, when all is sold she close the greenhouse for the season, but Eggs and Honey can still be bought.

Today May 1st I woke up to a brief white wonderland, I knew it was coming so it wasn't really a chock, and I have a lot of neglected job to do inside the house, plus planting seedlings in larger pots.
My Apple Blossom "Signe Tillisch" yesterday:
And today:

But now it's warm and sunny so the snow will be gone in hours.

Have a great May 1st!

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