May 21, 2014

A visit to the legendary Trädgår'n i Söderfors

Today my gardenfriend Evy from our village Lövstabruk and I wen't to the famous garden center "Trädgår'n" in Söderfors here in Uppland.

I have heard so much about it for years and now I atlast I got the oportunity.

What they don't have isn't much, and I found the climbing Rose Iceberg there at last, so happy.

We also had a coffee by the waterfront!
I was to excited to take photos of the environment, but got a few of flowers I liked:

When we had coffee by the water did we feel the amazing smell of Lily of the Valley, and saw these by the wall of the café

On the way home did we have to stop the car, what a cool sight: a huge Wood-Grouse/Tjäder. 
I only had my pocket camera, but got some shots out of the car, before he charged towards me and I ran like a chicken, haha

At home I had a coffee by the Pelargoniums that I'm moving out a daytime to get them used to the climate before I move them out for the summer
"Happy Thought Pink"
"Francis James"
"Hellekis Säteri"
The Pelargonium of the Year (Sweden) "Moonlight Katy 13"

This is the first perennial flower bed I dug when I moved in in October last year.
The perennials I planted then start to come up now.
My favorite Tarda Tulip are bloomed over, the Yellow one.
Now is the time for the Red Tarda Tulip
That slowly giving way for the Orange Tarda Tulip

Hope You all had a great day as well!

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