May 2, 2014

Old trees and little new ones

Living in such a old village as Lövstabruk with parks and gardens there are some really intresting trees around and it's going to be fun to discover them and learn more.

My favorite, so far, is the Chestnut/Kastanj by the bus stop, I love to follow the dramatic development of leaves and flowers on it
Elegant season opening of the Common Lime/Parkolvon
This is a very rare one for Sweden: Caucasus Buckthorn/Kaukasisk Getapel
There are some I don't know what they are, so help me if You can:

Today it has been a brilliant sunny day and I planted some small trees myself, some rooted by me and some I bought small (to save money)

A Larch tree/Lärkträd to expand the meadow & a Weaping Willow/Hängpil in a wet area
My favortie Birch, the Swedish Ornäs Dalecarlia, small but still with the beautiful leaves & my Magnolia "George Henry Kern" is still in a pot, have not made up my mind yet, dig it down or keep it in a pot (a larger one). It has one flower (upper left) and more coming :D

Other things happens in my garden, like that my favorite Tulips start to bloom: Tarda Tulip/Flocktulpan!
I love the low flowers and that usually have 5-7 flowers on each bulb, the Roe deers don't eat them and the colouring is like a beautiful aquarell
And the Grape Hyacinths/Pärlhyacint I got from my parents last fall start to bloom as well
And OHHH the excitement, soon it's Rhubarb/Rabarber time, yum yum!

The Heavy wet snowfall the other night disappeared quickly, but brooke branches on young trees and flattened hedges, in my case only my beautiful fragant Narcissus (bought cheap in a pot at IKEA) where all flattened :(
But I cut them off and put them in my Finnish seven armed vase to enjoy
Have a great weekend all!
Warm regards, Per!


  1. Vilka ljuvliga bilder du bjuder på! Jag förstår att du bor i ett Paradis.

    1. Hejsan Randi, Tusen Tack, ja jag älskar min lilla by :D
      Varma Hälsningar från Lövstabruk, Per!