May 5, 2014

Spring in the English Park from 1784 at Forsmarks Bruk

Next to our village Lövstabruk is another bruk (Industrial Ironworks village) and it is Forsmarks Bruk.
The "New" Manor house built 1767-74, (by the first owner English John Jennings) have a more formal french garden which today is pretty simple, but whats intresting here is the English Park from 1784 which is the best preserved in Sweden.
Today the weather was sunny, but to cold to work in my garden so I went here with my camera, Enjoy!

I came in from the south gate, made 1786, which has the monogram of the owner at that time: Samuel af Ugglas and his wife Carolina Wittfoth.
Passing through the former kitchen garden and upp to the french part
The Noble Baronet family af Ugglas lived here until 1980

My favorite part is the English Park, and now it's the bright green spring that showing off
Iron Urn from 1799
Many beautiful pathways and benches to sit down and enjoy
Memorial stone over King Oscar II's visit here at a hunting event with Baron Ludvig af Ugglas 1890
The Aviary/Voliére
Belisar's Temple from 1794, called "Hermitage"
Claded with treebark
Behind and around the "Hermitage" is some beautiful untouched forrest
A favorite spring flower for all Swedes: Anemone Nemorosa/Vitsippa
One of the many "Chinese Bridges", originally from 1794, these are made after the original design 1986, Connecting the many small islands and waterways
Old mirrors from inside the Temple of Mirrors showing the landscape in a Caleidoscope
Over this narrow peninsula I'm walking back to the Manor House and the village
 A view over the village, The Old Mansion, Bell tower and Servants quarter
Main street up to the church
In this Old Inn from 1802 did Greta "Garbo" Gustavsson and the film crew stay when the movie "The Story of Gösta Berling" was filmed here 1923-24 by Mauritz Stiller
One of the schools in the village

I hope You enjoyed my visit in the village of Forsmark as much as I did

Best Regards, Per


  1. Beautiful photos, very informative too! Thanks for sharing! xx

    1. Hi Tricia, Thank You :)
      Big Hug to You and Your family, Per!