May 8, 2014

Rhubarbs and Rain, Excellent!

Today, at last, two good things happened!

I did harvest my first Rhubarb & it's raining!
We definately needed the rain after a very dry spring, and personally I definately needed to feel the taste of Rhubarbs after greedily looking at them growing.

First out is the Rhubarbs (of unknown kind) I found together with Black Currants in the old abandoned kitchen garden on the other side of the stream.
Hard labour digging and weeding payed off!

My first harvest :D
I did melt the sliced Rhubarbs on low heat with chopped fresh Ginger and a little bit of Ecological Cane Sugar and water
YUM, perfect to use on real full fat yoghurt like Turkish or Greek, but today I had it on my Oatmeal, soooooo gooood :9

Rain at last, my stream where I get all my water for my flower beds and veggie paths start to fill up again and all new plants get the water they need from above.
I got the "Lady's Mantle"/Jättedaggkåpa just for my photography, always been fascinated how the water stays on the leaves, and she did not disapoint today

At the Manor house the Apple Orchard shows promising beauty to come, can hardly wait

Have a fantastic day, Per!

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