May 18, 2014

Magnolia, Cherry & Wild Beauty

Beatiful warm days, a tad rain and my new garden is thriwing. I will be intresting to see what will like it here, or not!

Descition made, my potted Magnolia "George Henry Kern" got a home.
I planted the Magnolia in apretty protected half shady corner in my entrance garden, and I really hope it will survive there and bloom nicely against the Rock wall
The new home. It has 2 flowers so far, hopefully one more

In the hood there is a few deserted fruit orchards and kitchen gardens which is fun to explore. In one of them there is a lot of Young Cherry trees growning like shrubs. I decided to dig one up and plant it in my own garden
I would be very happy if anyone could tell me what they think it is. Not a Cherry lover myself (can change), I like it for the flowers.
The New home, it's a little bit crooked, but that just adds caracter:

My favorite Tulipa Tarda start to bloom out, but in the packade was three variations and now the second one start to bloom, and it's red
The next color is coming now

My first Rhodonedron start to bloom now as well :D

It's growing everywhere, at one of the seating areas this beautiful Pensee sticking up it's colourful face
And the Grape Hyacinth still showing off
As well as the Ramson/Ramslök and that I'm using a lot, here in a Chili, Ramson & Olive Oil

The other day I wen't to our seaside cottage by the Baltic and enjoyed the very fragant blooming of our Bird Cherry/Hägg, fantastic

I can't say it enough, I just love to live where I do, we have very long springs, usually 2-3 months and I would not change that for warmer areas, I truly love the spring!

 And what is better to enjoy that then going on a photo excursion to the coastal area here in Uppland: the Island of Gräsö where one of the largest fields of our regions symbol flower Fritillaria Meleagris/Kungsängslilja thrives!
In Swedish Kungsängslilja! It means the Kings Meadows Lily, and the Kings meadow where Carl von Linné first found them is south of Uppsala where he lived and worked.
In English: Snakes Head, Lazarus Bell, Checkerd Lily, Chess Flower, Frog Cup,........

On the Island of Gräsö did a lady start to put seads from flowers at Kungsängen in a little meadow for over 50 years ago.
They loved the environment and are now naturally and wildly spread over a huge area from the meadows down to the sea, and it's hundreds of thousands of them, in all colour variations!
Enjoy, I definately did:
My colleague Håkan Karlsson took this action photo of me crawling on the ground with my camera :D

Well, I hope You all have a fantastic time now as well and enjoying all things around, large as small!
Best Regards, Per!

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