Oct 8, 2013

The Lost Entrance Garden and making of a New lawn

I was amazed seeing the wastness of gravel when I came to the house the 1st time, since all the other houses had lush gardens at their entrances.
A neighbor explained that previous tennant had many cars and took away a part of the hedge and the lawns, thereafter filled it all up with gravel.
Oh well, it's just to start to reclaim the former entrance!

 The entrance from the road, all gravel :(, from the beginning the Snowberry hedge (Snöbärshäck) did grown on the both sides and gave a more protective yard, there have also been a lawn on both sides the whole way down to the barn where it's now just a slliver of muddy grass.
View to the road and the stream, the hedge has been growing out a meter from the house on the left, and the same by the mailbox on the right

I started to trim the Snowberry (Snöbärsbuske) hedge to get a better view of what to do

As You know since earlier, I made a 7 meter Perennial Flowerbed! I took those lawnsquares since they where of really good quality and created a new lawn in front of the barn towards the stonewall
 And Voila, a lawn, with a hole for a future Butter-Pear tree (Gråpäronträd) :D

 Next to the barn door against the warm stonewall that faces south did I place the beautiful fragant Climbing Rose Ilse Krohn.
I will make raised beds there next year so I needed to get the Rose higher up. I took away the bottom on a large plastic pot and placed it a bit higher. I will take it away next year when the flower beds are ready.
 Ilse Krohn look fantastic against the Granite :D

Against the housewall (west facing) will I also have raised flowerbeds, but I have to get the Roses down so here I placed the amazing Climbing Rose New Dawn that grow pretty high, hopefully up to the bedroom window :D

Otherwise does the entrance look pretty amazing with the beautiful Maple, here in the evening sun
 Enjoy the Autumn, Per!


  1. I can really smell already the roses and all the harmony you are making :)

    / Tina

    1. Thank You TIna, I only plant fragant Roses in my garden, and sorts that I always wanted since many years :)
      I'm sure it will be more in the future!
      Take Care, Per!