Oct 12, 2013

More land & Winter Bedding for Louise, Dawn & Ilse!

In a few days time are the first frost here and I have to protect the new roses. I took this beautiful day to go out in the forrest to look up some Spruces to get twigs for the Roses winter bedding. I also met my neighbor that live in the other half of my pair house.

A absolutely stunning day in the forrest, perfect to pick up Spruce twigs for the Roses, also because the Hunting season start next week, best to stay away then :D

The first frost coming in 4 days, I'm not at home then, but my Roses are prepared:
"New Dawn"
 "Ilse Krohn" (will also add on Burlap/Säckväv here)
 "Louise Bugnet"

I met the lady that live in the same pairhouse as me today, very nice, but unfortunately is she moving. I asked her where the border goes between our properties, and VOILA I have more land! My newly digged patches to the left (Rhubarb & Black Currant) and the property continue to the right, the Black currant bush is mine :) So now this whole area will be my "Kitchen" Garden!

Have a great weekend, Per!

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