Aug 24, 2014

Everything is still growing, even more so the grass!

Just now I'm working a lot, both in Stockholm and my village so there is a lot of time spent on buses and trains.

So I really enjoy the few moments I have in my own garden, and are grateful everything still is growing and have a lot of flowers.

The only problem is that the grass growing in rapid speed just now, and I just don't have time to cut it :(
My goal to minimize grass and gravel is more on my mind than ever!

But everything else growing as well, and are looking good
This Yellow Calla Lily I have had for over 13 years in a pot, it seems to survive everything
 My fragant "Attar of Roses" Pelagonium was bought as a cutting for 3 years ago, never bloomed.
Here in Lövstabruk is it growing enormous and yesterday got it's first flowers
A LOT of my flowers are just going in to a second bloom for the summer :D

 Veronica & Magnus thriwing together
Fuchsias and Pelargoniums loving the late summer
And so does the Cucumber

Now I'm going to try to move the lawn, or call in a nearby farmer!

Have a great week, Per!

Aug 19, 2014

ZETAS, my Ultimate Garden Inspiration!

So at last did I see it, the garden Nirvana: Zetas Garden Center in Stockholm!

I have seen the owner Victoria Skoglund many times on TV and have her book, she's a friend with my friends Hannu Sarenström (Garden & Food inspirator) & Jytte Meilvang (Photographer), many of my more specailized garden friends going there to get special plants.
Friends that know me say I will love it there!

I cannot beleive myself never been there before. So last week when I was in Stockholm I took the Subway out to Skärholmen and the Bus to Kungens Kurva and Zetas. The day was a mix of sun, clouds and rain!

And there it was, and it was just perfect!
I loved everything, the feeling, the café, the plants, the trees, the inspiration gardens, the staff and specially the more rustic garden decor that let the plants show off!
I even saw the owner (now one of my garden gurus) Victoria here and there in the garden!

This is a large picture show, but I could not kill my darlings this time ;)
If You want to see the photos larger, click on them, and if You have any questions, use the comment area in the end:

Thank You for joining me in my first, and not last visit here!
And Thank You Victoria (here seen busy in the gardens) and the great Team of Zetas!