Aug 11, 2014

Garden Catch Up 2/4

Hi again!
Today it's the second catch up of photos from the 2 last weeks in my garden!
Feel free to ask questions in the comment field!

Enjoy, Per!

Some Mini Pelargoniums (or forced to be); Unknown, "Friesdorf" & "Mårbacka"
The rounded pots did I buy handmade on the island of Lipari next to Stromboli in Italy, the round pot is a outer pot/water reservoir with a insert of a Terracotta pot with blue glazed rim. They come in all sizes & colours, these are the smallest. I'm thinking of importing them.
Day Lily "Joan Senior" & my blue "Inner Garden" flower beds
My "Bornholm" Pelargonium start to get it's first Roselike flowers
The delicate bluish Pelargonium "Quinquelobatum" & "Spleenwort"/"Svartbräken"
The hanging Fuchsia "Pink Marshmallow"
Sunflower "Ruby F1"
The Tomatoe & Chili wall
My baby blue Salvia "Uliginosa" have it's first flowers and are now a meter high, a long way to go to the 3'ish meter it can be.
Unknown Pelargonium and my Finish "Rauhala" Cherry tree. After trimming off all the weak side branches only keeping one, bending it upwards with support, it turned really nice and have been growing a extra meter with nice new side branches :D
"Agapanthus"/"Afrikas Blå Lilja"
The corner of the Blue innergarden with a little water feature & my Bronze statue from Chennai-India
Pelargonium "Appleblossom Rosebud"
Red Onion flower
Marigold/Ringblomma "Bronzed Beauty"

I end todays Catch Up with a unknown kund of Hollyhock/Stockros that according to the garden center is Burgundy, but I can live with this colour as well ;)
Have a great day, Per!


  1. Wow så vackra bilder.Rena konstverk.

    1. Tusen Tack Renate, så glad att Du tittade in :D
      Varma Hälsningar från Lövstabruk, Per!