Aug 13, 2014

Garden Catch Up 3/4

Hi again, here is day 3 of my photo catch up from the last weeks in my garden!
Enjoy and if You have questions, just message me below!

My first flower bed from October last year going white, not on purpose though, this year I'm just cecking out how the plants work together and how they take turns. Some will be moved this fall, and some stay!
Here are a white Astilbe, a Abyssinean Gladiolus, Veronika and Rudbeckia
A Pelargonium "Happy thought Pink" growing like crazy
Hosta Mediovariegata & Heuchera Palace Purple
Dinner time in the Day lily "Joan Senior"
Hollyhock Alba & Pelargonium Quinquelobatum
Unknown Daylily
 The Candle Larkspur/Stor Riddarsporre in blooming for the second time this summer, so does the Sage/Salvia
Marigold "Bronzed Beauty"
 Flowers of the Physalis/Kapkrusbär & the Cucumber/Gurka
One of three apples on the new "Signe Tillish" tree
 My "Inner garden" next to the house
 Sunflower "Ruby F1"

And at last did I enjoy the fruits of my labour: warm Red beets and real butter blended with Italian Lemon Seasalt & Chili! Yum!
Enjoy Your day, Per!

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