Nov 13, 2013

The Medici Familys green Imperium Boboli Gardens in Florence

After seeing The Borghese Familys Gardens in Rome, the Medici's Boboli Gardens in Florence is a must.
After the Medici's bought the Pitti Palace 1550, they also bought all the land behind it from the Boboli family.
Much more formal than Borghese in Rome, but inside each green walled block is hidden another little "natural" forrest or secret garden! Exciting! There are many sculptures and fountains off course, also new moden contemporary ones.
To see it all must take days, but here are a gallery from my 3 hours there, Enjoy :D

Here is a map over the Boboli garden with the Pitti Palace down to the left.
A view of the Palace from the gardens above
 Detail from the huge amphi theatre in the back of the palace
Antique sculptures can be found all over the gardens that where made as a open air museum for the family
 Behind these green walls are small forrests and secret gardens
The upper garden by the Casino del Cavaliere, now empty on flowers for the winter, except Roses.
The view of the landscape from the upper gardens
The collection of fantastic trees are amazing
One of my favorite artists, Igor Mitoraj made this huge bronze scuplture "Tindaro Screpolato" 1998
And it fits right in to the landspace here
I love the green alley ways
Behind the green walls You find all sorts of beautiful surprices
Isollotto's Basin with all the Citrus plants is a part of the garden that can be a cooling refuge after hours of walking
Pegasus by Aristodemo Costoli - 1865
The Spectacular view over Florence from the Garden Café

As I said, it takes days to see everything, and I missed some of the important pieces of European Art history, like the "Medusa Shield" & "The Dwarf Morgante", more reasons to come back, maybe when the flowers are in bloom as well.
Hope You enjoyed, I did!

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