Nov 15, 2013

Bardini Hillside Gardens in Florence!

Bardini Gardens, next to Medici's Boboli garden, can be seen with the same entrance ticket!
The gardens climbing up a hill with many terraces, and are famous for the extra ordinaire blooming seasons through out the year, except now, off course :( Just have to come back!

This is the seasons, just check it out: Roses, Dahlias, Peones, Wisteria, Hydrangea, Camelias, Azaleas, Irises and much much more!
You have to use Your imagination when looking on these photos, Enjoy!

Some flowers where there after all
The Gardens climbing up the hill, and nothing for people with walking difficulties
The view from the top of the gardens over Florence and the surrounding landscapes are amazing and there is a café where You can sit and just enjoy it all
Would not be a Italian garden if there wasn't scupltures, and this one there is also many modern ones
 Beatuiful Terracotta waiting for next season
Imagine this Wisteria & Hydrangea pergola in the spring, mmmmh

We are saying good bye to Bardini garden with a vista from the Garden Café.
Thank You for joining me, Per!


  1. Men den där hade jag ju gärna besökt...

    1. Ja visst är den läcker Hannu, om man kollar på blomningsschemat så verkar April-Maj vara spectakulärt :D