Oct 6, 2013

New Garden: Leufsta 3 South

Welcome to follow me in the creation of a new garden!

My name is Per & the other day I moved in to a rental property in the old (16th century) village of Lövstabruk in Uppland, Sweden!

The village is a traditional iron industry village with the usual manor, church, school, office and park in the centre, this one once owned by the de Geer Family, now by the Swedish government and the manor is run by a Foundation since 1986 members being Tierp County, Uppsala Landsting, Uppsala University and de Geer Family

All these villages and manors by the Baltic coast where burned down by Russians in 3 summers of 1719-21, Lövstabruk was burned down 1719.
The owner De Geer decided to re-build the village and thereafter a new castle, my house whyere built approx 1730's.

When I moved in to my pairhouse with a two storey barn this Thursday, did I start to discover the garden, pretty large, but absolutely nothing where done to it, or overgrown.
So if You wish, follow me on my journey!

Welcome, Per!

My house with the belonging stream on the other side of the road


  1. I am so happy for you Per to this lovely garden you are making and to your new home and it is wonderful to see it and following you :) <3

    Tina ;)

    1. Thank You Tina, I'm glad if I can spread some off my enthusiasm over my new garden :D
      Hugs, Per!