Oct 10, 2013

Friends & Aliens in the Garden

Today it has been a wet and drizzly autumn day in the garden, nothing that can stop me :D
In the village of Lövstabruk I've met a garden friend, Evy! She's from Stockholm and have together with her man created a fantastic garden here.

She have generously given me some plants today, and I could not wait to put them down in the garden!
Thank You Evy :D

Evy gave me Brush Carnations (Borstnejlikor) & Columbines (Aklejor) that I will put down in the Perennial flower bed.

The Brush Carnations (Borstnejlikor) I divided in two parts

There was a lot of the Columbines (Aklejor) so I divided them in many parts and spread them out between the other plants


They look like something of the movie "Alien", but are something of the most popular thing in Swedish gardens, and definately one of my absolute favorites:

I got these two roots from Evy and they will be the start of my "Kitchen" garden :D

I plan to have my "Kitchen" garden here to the left with plenty of sun (not today though) where it probably have been vegetable patches before.

Patch digged for the Rhubarb roots, again in the size of a Pallet Collar (Pallkrage) in case I will add them next summer.

The roots are in the ground!
What You see in the background is where I plan to have a kind of Shaddow garden (Lund) with a wet area where there is naturally wet now.

Ending todays Blog with photos from the beautiful stream that look even better in wet weather!
Have a great day/evening, Per

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