Oct 25, 2013

The Dream about a Grove Garden

Dear all, as I wrote yesterday, after seeing my friend Hannu's wonderful garden last year did I get a dream of a Grove Garden (Lund in Swedish) on my mind! Hannu's free spirited attitude to his garden is really inspiring!

Hannu have done this fantastic book in Swedish: "I Lundens Skugga" about his garden and how to create a Grove.
His book and some of my photos from the visit to his garden will lead me on my way to realise the dream :D

My photos from Hannu's Garden in Kinnekulle-Sweden last year:

The obvious is that I need more trees in my garden to create more shadow

I Love his red ladder

The Copper colored Rodgersia is my favorite in his garden, love the way it lifts all the other plants

I can hardly wait until I get that shady grove with a lot of lush plants, I know, it takes time, but the road there is fun :D

Now I'm off to South Europe and will post some inspiration photos now and then, keep warm, Per!

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