Jan 18, 2016

Stockholm-Uppsala winter wonderland

This week I worked in Stockholm for 3 days. Hectic and fun days with a lot of work during the days at the Jewellery company Engelbert Stockholm, specially to handing out jewellery for the Fashion celebrities at ELLE galan 2016.

I did not have much time to enjoy the exceptional winter weather, more thatn on the way to and from work. And here we go:

 Stockholm Ström
 The little house I'm staying at when in Stockholm is from the end of 1600's
The view from the house over Stockholms Ström and the Old Town, here with the cruise ship from Birka Cruises.

On sunday it was time to go home to Lövstabruk in Norduppland, but I took a long walk to the train station in the splendid weather:

Stockholms Ström, the island Skeppsholmen with the ship hostel "af Chapman"
 s/s Riddarholmen
 Facade of the Royal Palace
 The House of Knights
 Stockholms ström with the City Hall and Stockholm Waterfront hotel

Due to problem with a connecting train in Uppsala where I stranded there for 2 hours, but the weather was great there as well and I was properly dressed to wander along the Fyris River:
The Uppsala Museum are situated in a old mill along the river
On the way back to the train station did I pass by the newly re-built department store Åhléns with it's exhiting facade reminding of a 20's cruiseship
Next stop on the long way home was the little town of Tierp where the sun was going down at the train station

With that I will leave you for this time, now I will enjoy a couple of great winter days at home!
Hope You do the same, Per!

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