Jan 10, 2016

Saturday walk in the Winter Wonderland of Lövstabruk

Yesterday it was -15C and sun in our Winter Wonderland of Lövstabruk.
A absolutely amazing day and I took a 3 hour walk with my camera to enjoy the weather, snow and beauty of Lövstabruk with surroundings, Norduppland-Sweden.

First I had to shovel snow around my house, but it's crispy light and was done in no time.
Back of my garden.
 In front of my house
 The clocktower along the main road
 The storage bulding for the old store
 Fägatan (the old road for transport of lifestock)
Road sign for "Yra höns" = Whimsical chickens
 I love this house on the North street
 The power of the water of the Risforsriver was the reason of the establishment of Lövstabruk and the Iron manufacturing here for nearly 500 years ago, first by farmers, then the state and finally by the 13 generations of the De Geer family and the immigrants from Wallonia-Belgium
 The lower damm
 The buildings for the Horseshoe & Nail smiths is the proper entrance to the wast forrests
After an hour in the forest along the Skälsjö road where it was so quiet and no wind, just beauty did I turn back to the village, and to family De Geers manor house which has its front this direction.
In this stunning "house" do I have the pleasure to work as a guide

Back home after 3 hours, loving every second of them!

Thank You for Your visit, Welcome back!
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