Jun 3, 2014

Garden Inspiration, Uppsala Botanical Gardens in May

Last Blog was about the fantastic Peonies that are in full bloom in Uppsalas Botanical Garden.
Uppsala is the Capital of my region Uppland and I feel grateful for the Smörgåsbord of inspiration that is served there.
The Botanical gardens are spread out just below the City Castle built by King Gustaf Wasa 1549
In the Baroque gardens below the Castle are the Linnéum Orangerie, named after the famous citizen Professor Carl von Linné
In the Parterres here can You find the Roses and the Peonies I shared a few days ago

Today I will share other flowers from the garden, Enjoy:

The Tropical Green houses are another fantastic place to stroll and enjoy the beauty

Thank You for joining me for a stroll in the gardens, Hope You enjoyed my photos as much as I did taking them, Per!


  1. Oj så otroligt vackra bilder!

    Mvh Ewa :)

    1. Hejsan Ewa, Tusen Tack :D
      Kul att Du tittade in!
      Hälsningar från Lövstabruk, Per!

  2. Jag har jobbat i Uppsala, så promenader har gjorts här :)

    1. Härligt, det är kul att följa säsongerna här både ute och inomhus,
      Mvh Per!