Jun 8, 2014

Trellis for the Roses in the entrance garden

My entrance garden towards the street had only gravel when I moved in, but as you know, I now have a lawn with a new Magnolia and flowerbeds with clombing Roses and more-
It's growing quickly now and my new Roses start to need new trellis to grow on, I have now prepared for them.

To the right is the street and beyong that, the stream. On this wall are my plans to have climbing roses on each end growing up towards the bedroom window and Peonies between with a tree Peony in the middle. To the far left is the entrance to my house, at the "formal" garden.
There was only gravel here as I said. I put 5 pallet collars here and digged a deeper hole where the big plants where going
The climbing Rose New Dawn that I planted in October are a bit slow starter, but getting there
In between I filling up with perennials, mostly Nepeta of different kinds

Also Maiden Pink/Backnejlika
Behind the Maiden Pink You can see the other climbing rose: "Climbing Iceberg", a rose it took me a while to find, bit got it from "Trägår´n i Söderfors" in the end
China Peony "Hong Zhu Ying Yo"
To fill out I also put in some Physalis Peruviana/Kapkrusbär
Most of the Hollyhocks/Stockrosor I planted along the road did not like it there, so I moved them here instead
It's getting greener by the day :D

Along the barn with the stonewall the Climbing Rose Ilse Krohn loving is and growing fast, alreay on the trellis. On the barn door did I put a black flower container with cuttings of a larger wild Pelargonium Australe I bought a few years ago, that will cascade down
All three Climbing Roses are blooming all season, which was a demand from me.
On the other side of the door where a pallet collar is do I have the little Lilac, Isops and the Wild Honeysuckle/Caprifol and some pots with Pelargoniums

One of them is the beautiful "Francis James which will be the last photo from this part of the garden for this time
Hope You all had a good weekend, Per!

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