Jun 19, 2014

Lupines everywhere & first Salad harvest

Just now there is Lupines everywhere around, and I also have a few in my garden but plan to have a small field of them together with Poppies, Digitalis and others next year.

Lövstabruks Manor House Park
Along the forrest roads
With The Early Bumblebee/Ängshumla in my garden
Yep, pretty much everywhere, it's a invasive flower in our landscape, but oh so beautiful

Excited over that I'm able to harvest my first greens from my garden (beside Rhubarbs), this is Salat and Spinache that I just topped with Basil infused Olive Oil, mmmh
The salad to the right is a mix from Gourmetgarage and to the left is the Spinache, somewhat nibbled on by Venisons, but I put in more seeds and hope for more.
Borlotto Beans, also from Gourmetgarage
Beet root, massacred by the neighbor cats, also here I put down more seeds :(
My Red Garlic Rossi di Sulmona from Gourmetgarage planted in the fall as the first veggies in my garden, so excited to see how they turn out. I have never had Garlic before and Anna at Goutmetgarage have been a patient supplier answering all my novice questions, like it was a heart surgery I was performing :D
My Potatoes growing quickly and to the right Red Onions

I have planted several Irises, what the neighbor cats haven't killed, some of the frostnights did, but there is still 7 kinds that survived, but only one blooming so far this year, and like a Paparazzi I did attack it from all angles and in all lights
But I also have wild Irises along my stream and in my Wood/Wetland in the back of the property

Most of my flowers are choosen to support the Bee & Bumblebee populations, but also for photography!
The Great Globe Thistle/Bolltistel, a long time photo favorite I got last fall from my friend Ann-Cathrin start to have beautiful green buds before they turn magnificent purple

And with that do I end today!
Have a great day, Per!

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