Jun 22, 2014

Garden Inspiration: "Ikebana & Contemporary Plant Art" at Uppsala Botanical Garden

A new exciting exhibit just opened last weekend here in Uppsalas Botanical Garden:

For me, that have been in Japan and enjoyed the gardens there and also the magnificent art of the Ikebana flower arrangements this was a must.
And for the ones that haven't been there, this is a great opportunity to enjoy it close up and learn more.

What's so special with this exhibit is the meeting between the Ikebana philosophy and Contemporary artists, the result is inspiring, beautiful and somewhat soothing with the slow decay of nature in some arrangements.

The Artists in this exhibit:

Naoaki Donuma, Garden Designer: "Finding Peace and Harmony in a Silent Symphony"
Junichi Kakizaki, Contemporary Artist: "Last Moment of Flowers"
Katsuhito Kurata, Ikebana Artist & Instructor: "Defication"
Hiroki Ohara, Headmaster Ohara School: "The Root"
Shizuko Ono, Contemporary Artist: "Hana"
Rica Ohya, Contemporary Artist: "Load Nothingness to Fill Your Emptiness"
Hanayuishi Takaya, Contemporary Artist: "Hanayuishi" (The Flower arrangements on humans)

Here I post some mixed moments and impressions of my many hours enjoying the exhibit. It's seen through my eyes, but I'm sure everybody will see other things that appeal to them!

Click on the photos to see them larger & Enjoy:

I hope You enjoyed this little teaster, as You can understand, there is so much more and I'm sure I'll be back.
And as always in Uppsalas Botanical garden, there is plenty of other things to look at and enjoy as well and my next post will be about what was outside in the garden this day!
Have a great weekend, Per!


  1. Dear Per, I'm Rica, one of the artists. Thank you for the great photos which gave me new inspirations! Let me share your blog. And it would be nice if you correct my name. OHYA is my family name. ( In Japan, a family name comes first then comes given name. ) tack!

    1. Hi Rica, such an honor that you look at my photos!
      It was a great installation and I spend many hours there, and sure I will be back again.
      Sorry for the misspelling of Ohya, it's now corrected!
      Sincerely, Per!

    2. Ps. the order of Your name was taken from the catalogue, but I changed it in the blog now :-) Ds