Oct 29, 2013

Colorful Corfu

In Corfu-Greece there is no need to search for gardens, it grows everywhere, in buckets, windows and the streets, from the simpliest Geranium to lush Bougainvilleas!
Today I took a walk in the city of Corfu with my camera, enjoy what I saw, I did :D
Bougainvillea is a favorite of mine
Hibiscus is such a wonderful exotic flower
These Geraniums ar cared for with love, no fancy pots needed
There is something special with Lemon trees, so Mediterranian
More Geraniums
And more Bougainvillea :)
Hope Your day is Sunny and Colorful as well, Per!

Oct 28, 2013

A oasis in Dubrovnik, the garden of the Franciscan Monestary

The tourist crowds in the beautiful city of Dubrovnik can be overpowering, specially when the heat is on within the city walls.
My Oasis is always the Garden of the "New" Franciscan Monestary that was started to get built in 1317 and contains a Farmacy from the same time plus an extensive Library.
Here You can have a relaxing and cool moment.

 The Coat of Arms and the Door bell at the entrance
Welcome in!

 Soon the Grapefruits are ready to pick, in the spring You can feel the smell of their flowers

It was a warm, Sunny and beautiful day today in Dubrovnik and I leave You with this beautiful Hydrangea (Hortensia), Per!

Flowers Venetian Style

Spending the two last days in Venice-Italy I did not have much time for my garden search since I was there for work.
But Neverthenless found small bits and pieces, and fill it up with some Wisteria photos from Venice earlier this spring!

This photo I took at the Venetian Carnevale in February 2012 and it was the centerpiece for my Photoexhibit in Stockholm the same spring. Talking about flowers :D

Did not have much time to walk around so much this time, but still found these:
White Roses & Anemone

Don't know the name of this funny flower, but I have seen it on Grenada in Caribbean as well.

It's even beautiful when it lost all it's colour, check out the little Spider :)

I forgot the name of this Perennial plant, we always have had it in the flower beds at home, but here they are planted in Flower boxes on a Venetian Balcony, and it looked fantastic on this curved railing

Earlier this year I took these photos in Venice, a lot of Wisteria around

Some Venetian Masks I found where different and inspired by the garden :D

Thanks from Venice, hope Your weekend was good, Per!