Oct 9, 2013

Flower bed in the Shade and a Special Lilac

Just below my Kitchen window that facing north do I want to put my favorit flowers and plants, the ones that loves the shade.
Always had a fascination for Fern (Ormbunke) and similar plants, specially since my visit on Stewart Island in south New Zealand where I hiked in a forrest of Furn, Magic! This will be in a tad smaller scale though ;)

On my beautiful wood and Granite barn sits a couple of ugly things: Electrical lockets, had to hide them, with a Lilac!

My Newly Planted flowers in the Perennial Flowerbed already start to draw attention to the right kind of creatures: the Bee's :D Here on the Anemone (Höstanemon) September Charm
The Echinacea (Rudeckia) looks great even if it's a tad late for them :D

My Kitchen window facing North and will be in the shade most of the day so here I can do my Shadow Flower bed. I moved the lawn elsewhere, and just needed to turn the extremely dark and fine soil with the pitchfork a few times plus some Bone meal (Benmjöl).

Here again my plan was a raised bed, but maybe next year, now I put a plank between the gravel and the sones that cover the seating area to the left.

I placed out the plants to see where they would look best, I know it's a lot for such a small place, but I will divide them next year and move some to other places.
The high Ferns (Ormbunkar) in the back and the Funkias and others in the frontish. 
Descition taken and all is planted plus springbulbs.
From left to right; Lamium (Rosenplister) "Beacon Silver", Unknown Funkia from our cottage, Funkia Lime, Unknown Fern from our cottage, Ostrich Fern (Strutbräken), Funkia "Praying Hands", Heuchera "Palace Purple", Unknown Fern from our cottage, Unknown Funkia from our cottage, Japanese Mahonia Fern & Fern "Deer Tounge".
Besides that, a lot of Springbulbs, same as in the Perennial Flower bed; Wild Tulips and Fritillaria Meleagris (Kungsängslilja).  

So what to do with these horrible Electric lockers, they are very much visible from the kitchen window and the seating area
I decided on putting a Lilac (Syrén) there that I will let grow fairly freely to cover them in a couple of years. This Lilac plant is what we in Sweden call Farmer Lilac, a very hardy and fragant Lilac, very typical for the Swedish countryside.
What is special with this specific plant? 
In the 60´s when my family built a new villa in Skutskär, further up north in Uppland did my dad work in this area for the Swedish Telecom (Televerket). He worked all round this farming area and along the coast. 
When we decided to plant a Lilac hedge did he know about this abandoned farmhouse that had lots of Lilacs. We went here and digged up plants for our new house. 
Then for 25 years ago did we buy our cottage by the Baltic coast in the northern Uppland. I took shoots from our Lilac and planted there.
This is a plant from the very same Lilac we took from this area nearly 50 years ago :D

Have a great day all, See You later, Per!


  1. Röd och vit rudbeckia har verkligen blivit favoriter hos mig i sommar. Blommat i princip hela sommaren! :D

    1. Visst är de underbara, gillar dem också för fotograferingens skull. Jag ska skaffa en "Pink Sorbet" som jag såg på Trädgårdsfesten i Sofiero förra året, den är läcker :D