Apr 30, 2014

A cold day with a warm visit by Hannu & Aile

Yesterday it was really cold here: +5C, but I didn't really care, my garden/cooking inspirer & friend Hannu Sarenström & his beautiful Aile came for a visit, which really made my day
I got my favorite books by him signed at last: "Lundens Skugga" (in the shadow of the woodland) & "Sommarkalas" (Summer Parties)
I called the Gardener and pashionated historian at our village Greenhouse from 1735, Josephina Wesström Juhlin. She came, showed us Lövstabruks Trädgårdmästeri and told us the history and plants. Very grateful for Your time Josephina :D
The Green house a week ago:
We also had time to look at the Orangerie and Manor house
A great visit :D

In the evening the sun and the warmth was back and I was out digging until 21/9pm when it started to get dark and I had to go back in and eat "lunch" (totally forgot to eat today)
I continued with the Half Shadow Flower bed north of the barn, this is how it looked there for a month ago, the whole area have been covered for years and a storage area, now a mudbath with rocks:
I started for a month ago moving lawnpatches from the new flowerbeds here, and making a path along the wall up to where the rainwater coming down from the roof. Closest to the house, leafcompost and soon Ferns along the rockwall.

Now I'm making the rest to flowerbeds for flowers that need half shadow.
There is sun here until 9 in the morning and again in the late afternoon until sunset.
The bed will be divided with a path of the rocks I find in the soil: Plenty!

Have a great day, the sun is shining here again today and it's just to put on the Wellingtons and get out there!