Apr 1, 2014

Early spring in Uppsala Botanical Garden

Today I went to visit a near family member in the Academic Hospital in my region capital Uppsala!

I had a couple of spare hours and my camera ready to explore the early spring progress in the city's fantastic Uppsala Botanical Garden!

The garden was founded 1655 by Professor Olov Rudbeck (Rudbeckia-Echinacea) for his students to study Botany and Pharmacy.
At 1741 Professor Carl Linneaus (later Carl von Linne & founder of the latin system) was in charge of the garden and after him Carl Peter Thunberg.
You can feel the history walking around these gardens.

Please enjoy them with me:

The Botanical Gardens spreading out below Uppsala Castle that was constructed by King Gustav Wasa and his sons at 1549

Rhubarbs Rheum Altaicum
Euonymus Nanis-Småbladig Bergbenved
Grape Hyacinth-Pärlhyacint
Snow drops-Snödroppar
Paeonia Suffruticosa-Pion
 I love these small cement container landscapes placed here and there in one area of the garden
 I Love this Japanese Lantern
 Primula Elatior-Lundviva
Picea Abies Pine-Gran from Uppland, I love these hanging branches
 Polystichum Setuferum-Spetsbräken
Omphalodes Verna-Ormöga
Paeonia Japonica-Japansk Pion
Pulmonaria Rubra-Röd Lungört
 Pulmonaria Officinalis-Fläcklungört
Beautiful Trilium
Exciting Phodophyllum Versipelle
Helleborus Purpurascens-Purpurjulros
Pulmonaria Saccharata "Mrs Moon"-Broklungört Mrs Moon
Anemonopsis Macrophylla-Porslinsanemon
It's bursting everywhere :D
Beautiful Helleborus Orientalis-Turkisk Julros

I hope You enjoyed my early spring report, more will come during the season.
Tomorrow  will post my photos from the Orangerie in the garden
Have a great day, Per!


  1. Så fina bilder du visar.
    Ha det gott!

    1. Hejsan Hans, Tusen tack, kul att du gillar dem :D
      Hälsningar från Lövstabruk, Per!