Apr 6, 2014

Spring cleaning at our Summer cottage Perstorp

Many people think I live in the paradise, this beautiful village of Lövstabruk, and I do!

But since 25 years does my family have another paradise as well, just up north here in Uppland-Sweden where the river Dalälven meets the Baltic Ocean. We have a smaller waterfront cottage with a garden in a area call Kopphuslandet.

Yesterday it was warm enough to go there for some raking of the garden, general cleaning and check up.

I left my village in the early morning (South gate with Gate house) with a fantastic sunrise

to arrive to our other paradise by the water
To the left a shed, the old cottage in the middle and my newly built guest cottage with bathroom, laundry, workshop and carport to the right that we call "Perstorp" (Pers Cottage). Crowned with this Ceramic tile from Amalfi.
The view is of our own little bay and half island, then the river Bodaån, and behind the forrest/island is the river Dalälven. Up river to the right is the Älvkarleby waterfalls, and to the left the Baltic Ocean and all the beaches.

Down at the water we always had a thick trimmed hedge of Alders/Al, but after years and years of fighting agaisnt the bugs that sometimes ate all the leave did we at last take a way all of it.
Troughout the years have I sneaked in healthy sticks of Lilacs/Syrén here and there, and we kept all of them. The ones to the far right I planted there as just sticks for over 20 years ago, the smaller ones the last years.
This one I put in the soil a year ago, and then added a lot of compost, looking healthy :D

I brought with me a lot of Snowdrop plants from home, they come from where my new flower beds going. It was 12 small rugs that we place around the border in the bushes and similar areas

We like and encourage the natural flowers to establish around the border.
We have three (3) white forrest Anemones, but also a lot of Primroses & Lilly of the Valleys coming later.

In our flower beds it moving quickly now
 My favorites Tulipa Tarda/Flocktulpaner
The Lupines leaves are striking when they coming up
 Primroses/Vivor of all kinds are my mothers favorite and we have many
Chiondoxa Siehei/Vårstjärna
 Anyone know the name of this? Chionodoxa/Vårstjärna (Got the answer from another Blogger: Helena)
 White Crocus
 Even the Clematis is coming strong

On the food front we don't have much, but here is Parsley
 And off course, the obligatory Rhubarb

Along the border do we have mixed hedges and trees.
Here a Lilac/Syrén hedge that we trimmed hard last year.
Weaping Willow/Hängpil
 Bird Cherry/Hägg
 And these lovely two Birches/Björkar that only where two small twigs for 25 years ago

Indoors in my cottage my mothers Pelargoniums thriwing, we keep +10C inside through the winter

On the forrest road to the cottage is this bench, I have never seen anyone sitting on it, but I love to take photos of it through the seasons

After a great sunny day at the cottage with many Fika breaks I'm back home in my village Lövstabruk
Have a great weekend ALL, Per!

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