Apr 27, 2014

Busy days and noisy neighbors in my garden

It has been amazing sunny days for over a week now and yesterday it was 20C in the shadow, and balmy in the sun. A pleasure to work in the garden wearing a T-shirt :D
This is also when eating and other normal things coming second, when one loose track of time in the garden, specially since it gets lighter and lighter here in Uppland, now the sun is up at 4:53, down 20:38, loooove it!

That also means that everything else is waking up early as well, this morning I heard a constant noise trhough my bedroom window which was intriguing
(remember I moved here in October, all this is new to me)
The sound came from the huge old Maple at my entrance that just started flowering, and it must have been millions of Bee's and Bumble Bee's, wonderful :D
Over the road and by my stream stand a old tree that my neighbors told me that Seagulls usually nesting in, and Oh Yeah they do, the noise from them when protecting the nests (2 of them) is incredible, but somewhat comforting for me coming from the Baltic coast growing up with this noise.

In my garden that had nothing, digging is the daily shore. But it's great to start see how my plan works to get some basic structure. Off course some changes in the plan are done now and then.

A small hedge of Raspberries "Preussen" are planted north of the veggie garden to somewhat protect from northern winds
 My plan is to have a straight line from the Apple tree Signe Tillisch to the house through the Veggie garden, with the Raspberrie hedge, then the Pallet collars to the left and it will be open beds to the right (just now only Black currants and Rhubarbs there). On the east I will plant a Blackcurrant hedge (saw one at my friend Evy's house here in the village and liked it).

In the "Formal" garden next to the house did I dig a 10 meter long flower bed the other day, a lot of Slag stone (the backside living in a old Ironworks village), and roots from the Snowberry hedge.
Here I will have mostly flowers attracting Bees & Bumble bees, that can take the constant sun here.
In the center of the square lawn did I plant a little Finnish Cherry tree: Rauhala

I changed my mind with the Pallet collars I put by the barnwall corner to protect from winds. My plan was to have Tomatoes, Chili and other plants in them because of the all day sun, BUT when it was raining a night a couple of weeks ago did I see that the water from the rooftiles went straight down in them, not good.

So I took away the long ones, and kept one. I planted a lovely little Lilac "Josée" that only will be 1,5 meter high, and are extremely fragant. Around the base did I pland Isops that I got from my friend Evy, they are called the Lavendel of north and suppose to be able to take our winters:
It will be fantastic to sit here with a cup of coffee

So what did I do with the left over pallet collars?
I re-digged the whole shadowbed by the house and extended it :D

My Magnolia "George Henry Kern" have it's first flower bud. It's in a pot, and I'm still debating with myself if I dare to plant it in the protected entrance garden, or keep it in a pot.
Oh well, I guess it will take a lot of Fika/coffee breaks pondering that, but now I'm off out in the garden again!
Have a Great Sunday, Per!

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