Apr 18, 2014

Lövstabruks Historical Trädgårdmästeri have open the doors for the season!

At last, our village Lövstabruk Garden Nursery have open the doors for the season
I have been taking photos of this exciting green house from 1735 since I moved to our village Lövstabruk in Northen Uppland-Sweden last fall.
Lövstabruks Trädgårdmästeri's Gardener Josephina Wesström Juhlin is a lover of older traditional plants, and that is what You can find here, a lot. Geraniums, specially the traditional "Lövsta Pelargon" are from here and are still sold here.
(as well as spring flowers just now)

She has written about the garden history in these Industrial villages here in Uppland called "Bruk", and specially Lövstabruk, the gardens and the gardeners (among the famous ones being Garden Director Johan Olof Strindberg, brother of the Drama writer August Strindberg).
The Green house and gardens supported the Manor with Vegetables, Berries, Fruits, even excotic ones and off course Flowers

Enjoy my first and not last visit in Lövstabruks Trädgårdmästeri:
 Off course You can find our Region Flower Fritillaria Meleagris/Kungsängslilja here
 Old fashion garden tools like the long growing pot to cover the Rhubarbs can be found here
The local made potter are are based on old traditional forms

Trädgårdsmästare/Gardener Josephina is a well of information about garden history & traditional plants, such a pleasure to chat with.
Here Josephina standing by my own Flower Photo cards that are sold here
This one I made for Lövstabruk with the Manor house and Snowdrops

Hope that You all will have a fantastic Easter Weekend
Warmest Wishes, Per!

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