Oct 27, 2015

Late October in Lövstabruks Manor Park

Another fantastic Autumn day, and this afternoon I took a little photographic stroll at the Manor house and Park in my village Lövstabruk.
Join me!

The South gate to the Manorhouse from 1730.
 The gorgeous Linden tree parkway
 The Upper Hammer dam. With the old economi buildings to the Manor
 River of fire in the English Park
the Voliére from 1759 by Jean Eric Rehn

Can just not stop loving the colourful season, I'm enjoying every day to the fullest!
Back to my house in the village did I take out my glass Buddah to take some last shots!
Thank You for joining, Per!

Oct 25, 2015

Colourful October promenade in Uppsala

The other day I decided to take a promenade in my region capitol Uppsala and enjoy the beautiful fall. The sun wasn't shining, but it was still colourful.
I walked along the Fyris River and the forests and parks around the castle.
Västgöta Student nation from 1666
Uppsala Cathedral inagurated year 1435
 One of the castle towers. The building of the castle started year 1549.
 All in all it was a nice walk and I enjoyed the fresh and crispy ait.
Hope You enjoyed the scenery as well, Per!

Oct 14, 2015

In search of autumn colours

Iv'e been spending a few days around our seaside cottage in Norduppland by the Baltic Sea to find some nice cautumncolours to take photos of.
This year the fall is late and it's mostly yellows, also enjoyable.

Here follows the photos from my walks in the surrounding forrests in Kopphuslandet, Norduppland-Sweden:
The view from our cottage
At Skutskärs Cementary
Skutskärs Church
Even if it was a bit too early for the colourchange it was still beautiful days by the sea and in the forest.
This mornings sunrise burning off the fog at the cottage was spectacular as well.
Thanks for following, Per!