Oct 13, 2015

A wooden house, painstakingly loved!

My friends Sanna and Teo´s house in Älvkarleö, Norduppland-Sweden is a stunning wood house. The groundfloor and two wings are from 1697, and the rest built 200 years later.
 I've been taking photos of it before. Now they have spent 5 months to painstakingly restoring the fasad of the main house and the 4 wings, which is a huge task.
They have themselves been scraping of all the old colourlayers by hand, and then re-painted it.

They called me last weekend and asked if I could come and take photos of the finished work, and off course I did. They have done a stunning job, and now know every single nook and cranny of their belowed house, maybe even more loved now,

Here are some photos I took for them:
 One of the wings
 At the pond in the back of the house
 The wing by the pond
East side of the house
 I'm sincerely impressed of them, the result is amazing, and I'm looking forward to come back to take photos in the winter season as well!
Thank You Sanna & Teo!

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