Apr 28, 2014

Giving in on the Potatoes

Still hot weather here, but we need rain now, we only had it one day the last month.

The water in my stream getting lower and I take all water to my flower and veggies from there (nothing from the communal water).
The Kingcup/Kabbeleka coloring the edges of my stream and the Lilly leaves start to come up like small swords.

Everybody tell me I need to have Potatoes in my veggie patch. It wasn't in my plan, then I visited my friends Evy & Roine here in the village and they had just put down potatoes in the soil and talked about how good new potatoes taste.
Well home I looked at the bag with local grown potatoes "Maritema" from Hållnäs, and they had sprouts! The Swede in me where convinced, a potatoe bed had to to be digged.
The Potatoes are to the left, together with red Onions. The round bed is for a Red Currant. To the right did I put the two beds together to get some symetri and there I have a Black Currant, and a red Rhubarb "Elmlitz" in the new part in the middle and Evy's Rhubarbs to the right.
The formal veggie garden start to take shape and I can start to see how my vision working out, fun.

Inside my house do I have a little special plant I got from Lövstabruks Trädgårdsmästeri: A Physalis/Kapkrusbär
When they renovated the old Greenhouse from 1735 did they found a small plant of Physalis growing in the soil on the floor after they took away 10cm soil at the renovation 2009, and now they have multiply it and I have one :D
Today my first flower came
With that do I wish You a splendid day

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