Apr 20, 2014

Mid Easter Report from my garden

It's amazing weather and Art weekend (Konst på väg) at the opening of the season here in our village this Easter!
Great to see all galleries, Inn, Café, Garden Nursery, church, Orangerie and the village full of strolling people. There is 8 galleries open here this weekend.

Besides being busy with that, there is still a lot of time for the garden now when the sun going up at 5.14 and down 20.20. Last afternoon we had as most +22C in our microclimate here in Lövstabruk.

Here is whats going on just now:
It rained on Friday, much needed, it will kickstart the growth, so I had to burn of the dead grass in the rough area
After the rain I could start to see whats going on in my woodland, and see a lot of Lillies coming up. I will not bother to much about this area this year, just check whats going on.
The Climbing Rose "New Dawn" coming quickly with small delicate leaves
 Close to "New Dawn" by the South west house wall have I now also planted the Chinese Peony "Hong Zhu Ying Yu" (Jade with Red Pearl)
And in the Half Shadow flower bed the Black Snake Root/Höstsilverax "Brunette" found a home
Next to my favorite Birch/Björk: Ornäs
I loooove the leaves on this Swedish Birch

My belowed apple "Signe Tillisch" are crowning the garden on the highest point. Already after being in the soil for a few days the Flowerbuds start to show.
(I did not have poles to put down around her, but will fix that today)

I don't really know why I got this fast growing Danish braided Willow, but anyway, I planted it in the lowest point of the garden where the water was staying last this spring, since it love wet around it's roots.
Around it I put two Bergenias that hopefully will cover the area around the tree pretty quick.

There is 2 more days of this 4 day holiday (in Sweden) and I will enjoy both gardening and art gallery visits.

In the Orangerie there is some amazing artists having their exhibits, in my dreams this beautiful building would be a permanent Gallery & Café.

Enjoy the rest of your Easter weekend, Per!

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