Oct 11, 2013

The last plant in the soil, but not the last leaf on the ground

So it was high time to put the last plant in the soil before the frost are here next week, and it's another favorite: Black Currant!

Something seems to never end, the falling of leaves from my Maple for example!

So, it's time to extend my "Kitchen" garden. Next to yesterdays Rhubarbs did I make a same size patch (Pallet Collar/Pallkrage size).

One small Patch equal One bucket of Rocks. Lot of them in this part of the garden.
This will be the place of my Black Currant "Polar Ribes" a extra hardy and healty sort.

And down :D

It's always time for Fika/Coffee break, so I bought a large Pump thermos, in that way I don't need to go in to the house for coffee :D

Remember my stunning Maple by the entrance a couple of days ago?

Today it looks like this, still beautiful, but where are the leaves?

It's here! On my Driveway, again. I already took it away twice!

3rd time is a charm, and this is hopefully the last time for this year!

Check out the neighbor in the end of the road, not a leaf! I saw them go and handpick them with a little bucket today, their property is spotless, I have a feeling that my garden never will look like that.
Have a great day/evening, Per!

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