Oct 24, 2013

Pondering a Pond

Back home at Leufsta 3 South after my trip to New York!

Since I did visit my friend Hannu Sarenström's beautiful garden last year have I got fascinated by Grove Gardens in Swedish called LUND! With this in mind have I ogled towards north in my garden where there is a djungle of Nettles/Brännässlor, and beyond them a little meadow.

The neighbor told me that the meadow sometimes floods in the spring, and I started to Pondering a Pond, with a surrounding Grove Garden off course :D
It will not happen anytime soon, I will leave it a year to see how the area behaves during the summer.

In the lower right is the beginning of my Kitchen garden and beyond the jungle of Nettles are the Grove.

Beyond those Nettles is a beautiful shaddow area, and next summer will I keep those Nettles down with a Brush Cutter to be able to study the behaviour of the area.

Looking back at my house / I made a path to the lower area

Down in the Grove, I have been dumping excess Maple leafs there

Looking back at my house, I love that shaddow under the tree

Under the tree I will probably put a bench where one can sit in the shadow and look back at the house, barn and garden.
Here shown now, and a couple of weeks ago, check those Nettles out

The green evidence of some wet ground looks promising for maybe a natural pond in the future

Evidence of less fun nature, the previous renter of the property have been feeding the Venisons in the area during the winter. There is still a Salt Stone here and a feeding table.

The Venison have been decreasing due to the increase of Lynx in the area, so it is a great thought, but not so fun for mine and others gardens in the area. It has to go!

Tomorrow I will show photos I took in Hannu's Grove Garden/Lund last year and You will understand my excitement!

Now I'm off to enjoy the fantastic unusual sunny and warm autumn weather with my camera, have a great day, Per!

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