Nov 1, 2013

Azienda Trinita, a Sicilian Garden of Eden

I had the enormous luck to be invited to a Garden and Cooking tour when in Catania.Sicily the other day!
The tour took us up the slopes of Etna, to the village of Mascalucia & the old family farm Azienda (Villa) Trinity, where we attended a cooking class with Ana-Maria and a Garden tour with Salvatore.

The oldest house on the property is from 1609 and the Garden are divided in several gardens, some for food and some for pleasure, or both.
It's fall and not many flowers bloom, but nevertheless is the garden stunning.
The cooking is all organic and unbelivably tasty.

Please enjoy this pretty big photo tour of mine, and I hope I can give You a feeling of the Italian Beauty!

The proud owner Salvatore showing his beautiful garden with passion and great knowledge. A Property Map.
 The old Cistern at the cortyard
 Lavender and beautíful Terracotta paths in the Herbal Garden
Almonds, nearly ready to be picked
 Blood Grapefruit
Aubergine. Beautiful pots where found here and there in the garden!
Many different intresting pines
Mulberry. Ancient Irrigation system.
Garden decorations
Shady Garden Paths
Genuine Antique decor can be seen all over the garden
Cactae & one of the most beautiful Olive trees I've seen

A great cooking demonstration by Ana-Maria in the Kitchen where followed by a fantastic lunch
Started of with Carpaccio di Zucchine
and Caponata con Peperoni
Yummi Garlic bread :9
The condiments for the Spaghetti Aeolian Style
The main course was Pollo All'uva, no photos unfortunately, but here is the deliscious Crostata Limone, mmmmm for desert
And some of the great house wine

After a fantastic lunch with some Italian opera arias to go with, we ventured out in the gardens again:
 Vesuvio painted on the mantel piece in the dining room
One of the friendly dogs on the property
A bucket at the Cistern and a old lawn mover
I love the play of shadows in the garden
 The back piece of a old horse carriage
The entrance to the pool & pond area
 Along the drive way up to the villa
Another of the dogs, a lab puppy, happily running on the polished lavarock pavement
Palm Garden
One of the beautiful benches & the Church outside the gate

I hope You enjoyed this garden, I certainly did, and will hopefully come back when it's spring and all the flowers bloom.
Thank You for joining, Per!


  1. Oj så fint, där hade jag gärna hängt ett tag. :)

    1. Hannu, det var underbart, och nästa gång blir det inte bara en dag, de hade uthyrning med swimmingpool och allt.
      Jag lärde mig en hel del om det Sicilianska köket vilket har blivit påverkat av det arabiska köket från sin Moriska tid :D