Nov 5, 2013

Villa Borghese Gardens, the lung of Rome

The other day when I was in Rome-Italy I decided to spend some time in Villa Borghese Gardens, this huge former private estate of the Borghese Family and now public park.
I know it's not really the flower season in Italy just now, but Borghese have spectacular trees as well.
Join we for a 4 hour promenade in the cool shade of huge pines and endless of other trees:

The Garden is situated on a hill above the city and have fantastic views, here over Piazza del Popolo
 This is the area above Piazza del Popolo
One of the few flowers still blooming, a Rose
Even in Rome they do have colorchange of leafs, but not much
Bougainvillea still in bloom, beautiful
There is antique statues everywhere, and they fit in the landscape perfectly. Love the Umbrella trees in Italy (Pines)
Its really intresting looking up in these pines, they don't grown in to eachother, they keep a strict border between their branches
 Many fountains and water features are scattered around the huge park
The promenade up to the Palace & Museum is packed with people and biking devices. The Museum have a waitlist for a couple of days and tickets can be ordered on-line
The Citrus Garden
 The Stunning Aviary in the Herbgarden
 Herbal Garden, nothing there now, but I can just imagine how beautiful it is
The Formal garden behind the Palace have many scupltures and formations.
There are huge planned forrest areas where people have picnics or stroll with the dogs
This is another view from the garden where it ends near the Spanish Steps

Thank You so much for joining me, next time I will show photos from another powerful Italian familys garden: Medici Familys garden Bobolo in Florence :D

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