Aug 16, 2014

Garden Inspiration: Rosendal Garden, Stockholm in Late Summer Glory

In Stockholm there are many parks and gardens and one of my many favorites is Rosendal Garden on the island of Djurgården.
On the Island that was the former Royal hunting ground there is also the Wasa Museum, Gröna Lund amusement park, ABBA Museum,. Skansen museum and a lot of other intresting things to see and reastaurants to enjoy.

Rosendal Garden is a thriwing garden where they have Self Pic of flowers, a Garden Center, Organic produce shop & Bakery, Picnic grounds and a Excellent Café.

Just now is my favorite time there, late summer. The colours are amazing and the huge selection of Sunflowers are in its prime.
The other day I was there shortly for a Fika (Swedish for coffeebreak) at the Organic Café, and could not resist to take some photos!

So without further due, here is for You to enjoy, click on the photos to see them larger:

Rosendals Garden is a oasis in all seasons, but now is my favorite!

Another favorite in Stockholm, actually in the city in the neighborhood of Östermalm (the same block as the Historical Museum) is another oasis:
A great place for a City break!

Hope You Enjoyed, Per!


  1. Åhh det är så fint där, blir sugen att åka dit igen. Så mysigt att sitta inne i växthuset och fika...önskar jag bodde lite närmare. Superfina bilder!
    Kram Harriet

  2. Tack Harriet, visst är det härligt där, jag fikade i växthuset den här gången :D