May 24, 2014

Colourful shadows in my garden

These days when the heat is balming here in Sweden do I enjoy the more shadowy part of my garden.
Often I find that there is more intresting plants here as well, and I do my best to add more, both wild and tame :D

Off course is it the Rhododendrons that is showing of at this time: come rain, come shine, they still look fantastic.
This one I planted for a few weeks ago, and loving it!

Lady's Mantle/Daggkåpa
I always found Ferns fascinating and cannot get enough of taking photos of the birth process.
Off course was my visit to Stewart Island in New Zealand a amazing moment, Ferns in all sizes and shapes, whole forrests with them
The new Bugle Ajuga Reptans/Revsuga start to get its first blue flowers, looking good against the dark leaves
My Astilboides/Parasollblad start to recover after freezing down a couple of times
Another favorite, the Hostas
This is the Hosta Mediovariegata/Brokfunkia
Another Fern

And now it's the time for the Ramson/Ramslök to bloom and spread its mild fragance of onion

I hope You all have a great weekend, Per!

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