May 3, 2014

Perennial Flowers at our cottage by the Baltic Sea

Today I went to our cottage at Kopphuslandet in Northern Uppland close to the Baltic by the river Dalälven!
I wen't there to see my parents for coffee and also get cuttings from our Lilac hedge to take to my house in Lövstabruk.

On the seaside it's really hard to get flowers growing so my mother usually have flowers in pots here, but on the west side does she have my favorite perennial flower beds! Here I have been taking a lot of photos through the years
 A lot of old style cottage flowers in abundance along the wall and around the rock. Along the mixed hedge (Lilacs/Syrén & Bird Cherry/Hägg) do we have flowers from the nature; Anemone, Lily of the Valley, Primroses, Snowdrops,....

Here is my favorite Tarda Tulip/Flocktulpan that I also planted at my house as You saw in yesterdays blog

A white Fritillaria Meleagris/Kungsängslilja
And the same but with the regular checkerboard pattern

Lupines on their way

Stunning Primula from seeds my mother put here for many years ago and some Peonies/Pioner with intense red colour before they turn green.

A flower I want in my garden as well is the Martagon/Krollilja, love this powerful flower standing over everything, for now it's just growing but beautiful anyway.

A Bergenia with the first flowers

Later we wen't to my parents place for dinner and there it is a smaller forrest of Birches/Björkar I just love.
Specially to follow the season through them, just now with bright green small leaves
Have a great weekend!
Wishes, Per!


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    1. Hi Carl, You'll enjoy Your garden soon, I guess You have spring by now as well!
      Best Wishes from Lövstabruk, Per!