Dec 14, 2013

The Quinta da Regaleira garden in Sintra, Portugal Part 1

A couple a weeks ago when I was in Lisbon Portugal I decided to take care of a dream of mine. 
I went to the train station and took the 40 minutes ride up to the amazing town of Sintra!
Ones the summer retreat of Royalty, Nobless and Famous from all over Europe (Agatha Christie wrote some of her books here), now a dramatic lush fairytale garden landscape where everybody have access to the former private gardens.
Since it's weeks worth of exploring did I start with one of the most spectacular ones:

Ones owned by Baroness da Regaleira, bought 1893 by Carvalho Monteiro family who had the Set designer and Architect Luigi Manini to start design the  rocky gardens 1998-1900.
Enjoy my stroll of the Hillside gardens in Autumn colours:
It's Autumn with it's beautiful colours
The lower gardens have a lot of fantastic ferns, both in tree forms and lower sorts where one can find antique statues embedded in the lush landscape
 And some Fuchsias
 The Pisoes Loggia
 One of the many amazing benches
 The Fountain of Regaleira
 Leda's Grotto, one of the many caves in this rocky garden.
 The garden is full of exciting ravines, streams, bridges, caves and underground walkways
Portal of the Guardians, which has a secret entrance to the amazing Initiatic Well which I show in the next blogg
I will continue my stroll trhough these stunning gardens in the next blogg!
Enjoy, Per!


  1. Åh jag har varit i Sintra för många år sedan och där var så vackert!! :)

    1. Visst är det, jag vill spendera minst en vecka här på våren :D