Nov 15, 2015

November Stockholm by night

Just now I'm in a intensive period working in Stockholm for a few different companies with jewellery. It's long days and I don't see much of the beautiful city in the day time, but have the pleasure to enjoy the beauty in the evening on the way home.

When working in Stockholm do I stay in this gorgeous red house on Mäster Mikaels Street from 16/1700's at the south part of the city.
Even in the evening my little street is fantastic:
Stockholm Old Town
The Stenbeck Jul tree, before the decorations are added
The Royal Palace
Grand Hotel
The Royal Palace & the Parliament
The Amusement park Gröna Lund
The City Hall in distance
One of my places of work, NK-Nordiska Kompaniet
Skeppsholmen Island and the ships hostel s/s af Chapman
Kungsträdgården, a huge "garden" in the midle of Stockholm
After travelling to over 130 countries and seen even more cities does Stockholm still have the biggest place in my heart!
Hope You enjoyed as well, Per!
The huge Crystal sculpture at Sergels Square

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