Jul 5, 2014

Flower report 1st week in July

As You all know, this is the first summer in my garden, so all my flowers are new. That also means that my excitement over flowers blooming for the first time maybe is a bit naive, but so genuine!
After a pretty cold start of the summer is now the full summer heat on and my garden surprise me every morning.
Nothing is nicer than have that first stroll around checking on everything before sitting down with the first cup of coffee.

You know those bulbs You buy at the airport in Amsterdam?
You never know if they are going to actually grow in your climate but You for sure want them to.
Well, half of the ones I bought and planted have shown some life and first out is this delicate beautiful Anemone "The Bride"
Some Columbine/Akleja still hanging around
I love this Loosestrife/Fackelblomster and so do the Bees
It goes very well with all the different Salvias I have, I'm somehow obssesed wth Salvia.
 Here "Sensation Rose" Salvia

July 2nd is "The Day of the Rose" in Sweden, and my beautiful Danish climbing Rose Ilse Krohn decided to be my first Rose to bloom in my garden, and to do it on the Day of Roses
 Ilse Krohn loves it against my granite wall facing south and have a lot of promising buds :D

Yesterday did also my all time favorite Canadian Rose bush "Louise Bugnet" bloom as a tribute to Canada Day

I have a potted Danish Rose that also are on it's way to bloom. It has no name and are one of theese You can buy i a grocery store here, I love the pink/green blush colour

As a rookie some mistakes have to be done!
One I made is to plant this "Six Hills Giant" Nepeta in the pallet collars along the west wall, it's certainly giant haha. It has to be moved for next year so it doesn't sufficate the Peonies and climbing Roses there!
From our cottage by the Baltic did I take this  Betonica and it's already loving it in my garden. Only with stunning two spires for this year.

Talking about Spires, I just got some Neighbor Envy. I looked over the hedge yesterday and what!!!!
A 3 (THREE) meter high Delphinium/Praktriddarsporre was towering along his south barn wall!!!
 Mine is about 1/2 meter, so far ;)

From the Lövstabruks Trädgårdsmästeri did I get some classics the other day, Thank You Josephina!
One is the Lövstadahlia that grows in the park in front of the Manor House
A very old kind of Tagethes 

Some Iris Germanica still surprice me now and then
I got some Sweet Williams/Borstnejlikor from my gardenfriend Evy in the fall and are so grateful they turned to these colours and not the ones with the sharp rings around the edge. These fits better in my garden. 

Since I have been keeping most of my Pelargoniums outside in the cold and rain have they been holding back a bit, but now they are compact, low and start to give some spectacular flowers
Here "Francis James"
 and "Tierp" a old sort from our county which is my favorite (well, one of them)

Well thats my report for now, but every day is a different day with a lot of small pleasant surprises!
This being one, Bees that escaped briefly from a nearby hive before taken back to their home, fascinating!

Now its time to get out there in the sun again (photo taken from my guestroom on the second floor)
Have a Fantastic Day, Per!

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