Jul 16, 2014

Garden Inspiration: Landqvists out on the Uppland planes

July 2nd it was the day of the Roses in Sweden and I always wanted a Canadian Louis Bugnet rose (the little one I bought in the fall died).

I knew they had it on "Trägårn" in Söderfors so I did set out going there to get it, just on the day of the Roses as a Good Luck thing.
I took the bus from my beloved Lövstabruk to Skärplinge, changed bus to Tierp to there change to a 3rd bus to Söderfors and "Trägårn".
During this time did I text my friend Evy to ask if she needed something, and she texted me that "Trägårn" are closed Mon-Wed!??? I checked, they where closed, being a Rose expert on Day of Roses or not!

I changed my plan, googled and saw that a Garden center south of Uppsala was open, "Landqvist", AND since it was the day of Roses they had 25% off all of them!

I changed bus, took one Tierp to Uppsala and from there out on the countryside towards a old historic area called Danmark.
Getting off the bus (the 5th since the morning), it was hot, sunny and gorgeous, but still a bit to walk to Landqvist (far right on this photo) that is in the village of Danmarks Kulla
It was a wonderful promenade in the midst of the fields
Coming closer to the area Danmarks Kulla I saw this weathered sign
And the first thing You see when there is this magnificent barn
I LOVE the stylish and ellegant way they put their name in thick steel letters on the barn wall
Landqvists is established 1922 and is still in the same family!

Welcome in:
Rose "Poulsens Pearl"
Another Danish Rose: "Karen Blixen"
Chinese Flowering Dogwood/Kornell "China Girl"
Mock Orange/Doftschersmin
Geranium/Brunnäva "Raven
Sneezeweed/Solbrud "Moerheim Beauty" & American Wisteria/Blåregn
"Lindas Baby"
Rose "Lykkefund"
Nice areas to sit for an Ice Cream or Soda
I fell in love with this Clematis growing against a cottage wall, could not find the name, but the flowers where large and the shifting in colours very photogenique

A very pleasant experience, and before heading home again did I of course find my "Louis Bugnet" that have given me pure pleasure since :D
Thank You for Your time, Per!

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