Aug 10, 2015

Öregrund, a gem by the Baltic Sea

Today I took the local bus to a coastal favorite of mine:

This beautiful little town along Upplands coast in Sweden where founded 1491 and have been burned down twice; by the Danes in the 1520's and by the Russians 1791.
It's by the Baltic Sea. in the region of northern Roslagen and Uppland.

In the 1880's the little coastal fishing and shipping town turned in to a resort town for the high society of the larger cities around as well for the well to be middle class. The oldest summer house still standing is from 1890's.

Now a days it's as popular as ever with many restaurants, entertainment and events.

Here are photos from my little walk today:

And off course I have to visit my FAVORITE of them all!
I Love Love Love this house!!!

I finished of my visit with another favorite: White chocolate ice cream with blueberries and raspberries, mmmmmh

I'm saying goodbye from the harbour where the Nordic flags moving in the wind from the Baltic Sea!
Take Care, Per

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